General Website Guide

Business Site

A website represents your business online. More and more people are using the computer to obtain information. Even if you do not generate online sales, would local customers be able to find out about your service or product(s) using their computer? Alternatively, a website allows you to bring your product or service beyond the local level and reach the world.

A website offers cost-effective advertising. Establish your web presence through a one-paged company advertising or a multi-paged information site. After the initial investment to have a professional-looking site built, you can keep it published for just a few dollars per year. These are the cost of owning your own domain name (about $10 per year, depending on domain extension and registrar and as low as $1/month for the cost of your hosting account).

Want Your Own Domain Name?

We do not sell domain names, but can make assist you with your purchase. A domain name can cost less than $10 per year, depending on the registrar.

In addition to the domain name, you will need a hosting account. We can assist with this as well. Depending on your specific needs, this can be bought for as little as $1/month. a&b can make all the set-up arrangements for you.

Looking for Free Space?

There are many sites on the Internet that allow users to sign up for free accounts. However, most will post advertisement banners or initiate pop-up windows, and the URL will likely include the name of your free host. (Example: For a professional appearance, we highly recommend purchasing your own hosting account.