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It’s been fixed ?>

It’s been fixed

It took a bit, but I think I’m finally malware free again. I had fixed everything at one point, and only a few hours later, the worm had gotten back in. My hosting account allows me to host multiple domains in one account, which is a great deal and money-saver. However, one of those domains, the one belonging to my personal blog, had an outdated and neglected version of zenphoto with security flaws attached, and that’s how these scumbags got…

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It’s just wrong!! ?>

It’s just wrong!!

a&b WebDesign has been hacked and Malware was inserted into the site. I am not sure how it happened, but what a mess!!!! I had to delete everything and start over with a whole new installation. That’s when one gets to appreciate the real value of a good backup. Mine could have been better, but I had enough to recreate everything, and I’ve learned some valuable new lessons. However, I don’t take kindly to this kind of act. There’s not…

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It’s Not Easy ?>

It’s Not Easy

The plan was to finish the formatting this weekend, but unfortunately, my host had problems and the server that houses my site was down all day Saturday.  That’s a whole day wasted, and now I’m playing catch-up.  There are only a few things left that need to be set up in the new template, and then a fine-tuning of the exact colors, some of the spacing, and other assorted what-nots.