It’s Useless … ?>

It’s Useless …

… your SPAM attempts. I screen EVERY comment that includes a URL, and I have the Akismet WordPress Plugin activated. So save yourself and me the trouble and do NOT post your irrelevant blabber for the mere purpose of dropping a link. It’s not going to happen.

It’s Taking Forever ?>

It’s Taking Forever

You know how it is, the cobbler’s kids go barefoot.  But I think things are coming along nicely – ok, very SLOWLY yet nicely.  Currently, I’m working on design and layout simultaneously, and some of that work is just done en cranium.  In the Head. And I ponder – what do the chickens and that old, rusty stove have to do with webdesign? Maybe it’s the chickens pecking along relentlessly -working towards their goal.  Is it the old rusty stove…

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It has begun ?>

It has begun

I have completed the video tutorials from the Killersites University a couple weeks ago, and have build my basic layout for the new theme. What I have is not final, but it’s a good start. I’ll be tweaking things as they develop. The next step is the design of the site. That’s a tough one. Of course I want my site to look good and interesting, and I do NOT want to copy someone else’s work. I did spent many…

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